The film "The Big Bluff" Woman needs to know that "Whore" is distasteful, you ever "Whore" like Chinese said "Whore.Sway"- selling your sex sight, you must not have sex with any way, because once you broke that distant sight, you have no way back to that brilliant side. Man, you can have all your right to marry a rich and famous woman to take over her rich and famous like Chinese said "Sou 長灘島r.Chwon.50.Lyan", if you are willing to be the widower that must not be allowed to get in touch with any female the rest of your life after she died. God made this world for man rule, man- the image of God, like unselfish sun - 天地有正氣 - "Tea.天.Sin.Dow. Down.Ren.不讓"; woman is second to man, like selfish moon - 酒肉朋友 人不為己天誅地滅(This is why woman must have all her right to get her evil mind to play out to murder her spouse in any way when she feels that's only way she can have the freedom to get good night sleep at the rest of her life. But man must have no right to even dare think about kill his spouse not mention to play any murder plot 設計裝潢like JungShiauLin committed. Yes, JungShiauLin had or has tried multiply plots to kill me. He made the company "Yomayo"- "有.沒有" showed his suck. I was lucky seeing no evil, therefore, I did not know that my Yomayo already lost the right to have my L1 title after he made it became Texas company that must have to lost the Ticona connection, I was lucky to change 部落格the lawyer, because that lawyer who made that change must be one of the best lawyer trying to catch JungShiauLin's crime for me, yet he must not know that lawyer must have no right to do thing like that, therefore, he had the luck to lose me as his client so that to spare him from falling into that evil plot that JungShiauLin trying to hang me to die, the same time to get him on hi 部落格s hook to bend to his lie. Therefore, I realized that my Yomayo indeed belongs to me totally nothing to do with Ticona in any way. Therefore, I realized that JungShiauLin indeed committed the most serious crime to tool Yomayo USA without telling me that I am the one who own the Yomayo USA instead of Ticona like I thought.). Please God in order to get out of this man made hells (Because man cannot l 部落格ike the rest of the male animals to make his next generation exact the same like himself, but multiply the worse and worse next generations until no any good remaining left behind. Not mention they form the formless body to take away their own freedom to do good things : To seek his true love, to have the freedom to kill, to have the freedom to roam where ever his own will likes to fly. ) . Selfish woman must not be allow 裝潢ed to chase after unselfish man. You may kill(You want to kill someone, you have to have the good will and good skill to wait for that someone come out under the sky, then give that someone a good gun shot to leave, you must have no right to trespass into someone's house to do the kill, that may explain how that good will rich woman did not die under gun shot inside her own home.), you must not murder; that rich woman obviously will 術後面膜ing to give him what the money can buy, he wants money, he can just ask from her, he tired of her, he can just tell her like it is and demand a divorce, he would be lucker to die on dead penalty by the crime he committed than to become a re-married widower. Even if McVeigh indeed bombed a public building, it must have nothing to do with murder, it only belongs to something to do with the war on terrors that every military force will just do like that to bomb (Yo 酒店打工u can do like that, because your mother natural did like that too. Your government public workers allow those gas companies make money on your gas line to show they sighted money more important than your resident area safety issue too) their enemy's public quarters. And that may explain how come McVeigh willing to die for whoever that bomber may be.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 房屋買賣  .
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